The Miserable Effects Of A Wasted Life

June 2007 The Rural Tradition – The Miserable Effects Of A Wasted Life

01. Servants Tempations 0:53
02. A Refuge Of Lies 2:55
03. A Difficult Problem Solved 1:23
04. I Thought I Was Intended For The Country Life 2:31
05. Don’t Go Too Deeply Into Motives 1:26
06. Dead Drunk 4:11
07. The Nightingale Fund 1:01
08. A Broken Stalk Of Dark Blue Hyacinth 2:57
09. The Fashionable Lounger 0:56
10. The French Boy Who Became Famous 0:40
11. How We Went Up 2:01
12. They All Loved The Place And I Loved Them All 1:01
13. The Reproach In His Tone Had Gone To Her Heart 2:37
14. Opened With Trembling Fingers 0:48
15. A Love Of Indolence, Succumbing To Sloth 2:03
16. Their Hearts Were Warm, Though Their Manners Were Rough 3:40

Released on lp by Dorset Paeans as Dorset Paeans 8. Some copies and free digital download available.

  1. Hello

    Do you still have any Vinyl copies of the rural tradition LP that I can purchase

    Andrew Young ..a second Language subscriber

    1. Hi Andrew – check out Michael’s store on Big Cartel – it still appears to be available there
      here’s the link:

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