The A.Lords

September 2011 The A.Lords

A1 Freohyll 2:58

A2 Mistress Chetell 5:27

A3 Summerhouse 5:18

A4 Crimson Rambler 2:25

A5 Of Wren or Raven 3:49

B1 Skyclad in Pendle 6:29

B2 The Seventh Child 2:09

B3 Hopkin’s Lament 3:14

B4 Things Near and Far 3:25

B5 Pyewacket’s Nest 2:51

Available to stream and buy here:

Michael Tanner and Nicholas Palmer with Àine O’Dwyer (1), Tom James Scott (1), Julian Poidevin (5) and Autumn Grieve (10)

Music for Church Organ, Balalaika, Banjo, Toy Piano, Harp, Mountain Dulcimer, Acoustic Guitar, Bells, Glockenspiel, Clarinet, Recorder, Belldalabra, Dulcitone, Piano and Electric Organ. The Birds play themselves.

Recorded outside in Dorset over ten summers 2000 – 2010, five songs by day and five at night.

Released on rifmountain as RM-014 (vinyl only, but includes a cd-r of the music)


‘Mistress Chetell’ appeared on the A.Lords myspace page as ‘At Night’ on 1 January 2008, while ‘Of Wren Or Raven’ and ‘Pywacket’s Nest’ appeared as ‘With Julian Poidevin’ and ‘With Autumn Grieve’ on 1 January and 29th April 2008 respectively. ‘Summerhouse’ appeared on the A.Lords ep under that name, while ‘Things Near And Far’ appeared as ‘Guitar, Dulcimer’, ‘The Seventh Child’ as ‘Toy Piano, Balalaika’ (and ‘Garden Song’ on their myspace page), and ‘Skyclad in Pendle’ in a longer version as ‘Mikemedieval’.

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This site is an attempt to catalogue the music of Michael Tanner. It is a work in progress.


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