Plinth – Wintersongs

December 1999 Plinth – Wintersongs

self-released cassette

1. For C.S. 2:31

2. Bracken 3:23

3. Hearth part 1 4:42

4. St. Lucia’s Day parts 1 to 3 8:05

5. Anniversary Waltz 1:41

6. Frey And Gulliburstin 6:26

7. Tom Bowcock’s Eve 13:03

a The March b Hearth part 2 c Madron’s Bells

michael tanner and steven dacosta played glockenspiel, trumpet, clarinet, guitar, clocks, fireplace, ring modulator, birds, teapot, train, voices, piano, garden, sleigh bells, cymbals, melodica.

with nicholas palmer (piano) and julian poidevin (melodica)

release notes:

originally a cassette in an edition of 50, Wintersongs was re-issued by Dorset Paeans on cd-r as DP1 in 2001 (twice)

‘Bracken’ was included on the Geographic compilation ‘You Don’t Need Darkness To Do What You Think Is Right: New Geographic Music’ (GEO12CD) in 2002

Wintersongs was re-reissued in an expanded version by Rusted Rail on cd-r in 2006

All physical versions are out of print. A digital version can be found here


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This site is an attempt to catalogue the music of Michael Tanner. It is a work in progress.


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