Plinth – Collected Machine Music

Plinth – Collected Mahine Music

1.Madam Pockney’s Vacation 01:50

2.The Woman And Piece Of Furniture 02:11

3.14 Bathwick Hill 06:56

4.Lulworth Calliope 00:39

5.Kay Harker 05:38

6.The London Necropolis Company 02:09

7.Regina-Rattle 01:28

8.Eight Tooth Movement 01:52

9.Winter Box 03:47

10.Episode Nine 01:01

11.The Musgrave Ritual 01:06

12.Pinned Butterflies 02:23

13.Cross Helical Gear 02:21

14.Memory Box 01:39

15.The Sunken Carillon 05:22

Released on Time Released Sound as TRS011 in an edition of 200, the first 70 of which came with a music box and original song strip hand punched by Michael Tanner. According to Time Released Sound the boxes were a “heavy duty, hinge lidded, 8.5″ x 5.25″ chocolate box… collaged/hand worked inside and out with 150 year old English engravings, original victorian calling cards, clock hands, brass nuts and bolts, hand printed insert and other ephemera. Screwed to the inside of the box is a miniature music box mounted to a stained oak base. Nestled in each box is the signed, numbered, titled, and hand annotated original song strip from Michael Tanner. These unique little tunes were composed on a harp and painstakingly transcribed to the strips by punching one hole at at time! No two songs/strips are the same. Tied to the outside of the box with a ribbon is the digipak w/ replicated factory pressed disc. Also included will be an extra blank strip, and a punch, to make your own song!”

All pysical editions are sold out. Available digitially here


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This site is an attempt to catalogue the music of Michael Tanner. It is a work in progress.


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