United Bible Studies – The Dreamlike States Of United Bible Studies

November 2011 The Dreamlike States Of United Bible Studies


1. The Water Is Wide
2. Lowlands Of Holland (A Capella)
3. Flow My Tears
4. Midsummer
5. The Will’s Wake
6. Rattling River
7. The Highland Widow’s Lament
8. East Virginia
9. If We Are Where We Think We Are


1. I Will Walk
2. Lowlands Of Holland (Band)
3. Offshore
4. P Stands For Paddy
5. Sullivan’s John
6. The Road Giveth
7. One More

David Colohan, Sharron Kraus, Richard Moult, Aine O’Dwyer, Gavin Prior, Michael Tanner, Tuula Voutilainen, James Rider, Kevin Moist, Nathaniel Rasmussen, Scott Verrastro, Christi Saunders, R Keenan Lawler, Mike Tamburo, Jesse Poe, Matt Mottel, Richard Colbourne, Paul Flaherty

Released on cassette in an edition of 100 on Fort Evil Fruit as FEF2

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This site is an attempt to catalogue the music of Michael Tanner. It is a work in progress.


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