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There is a considerable amount of Michael Tanner’s music which has not seen official release. This page is a preliminary attempt to list it, while I decide how best to incorporate it into the pages.

Representation III (after Harold Baim) by Bevis Fenner. 2012.
Soundtrack by Michael Tanner.
Post-production and restoration by Oliver Robbins.
Images courtesy of Richard Jeffs and the Baim Collection.

On 17th September 2011, Michael Tanner recorded a session for Dwars in VPRO’s studio in Hilversum. The music includes various found sounds, three old tape recorders, a dictaphone, a portable record player, some music boxes and effects.

You can listen to the session here

is a kit-based exhibition of commissioned art by three artists – Jan Hopkins, Katie Harnett and Michael Tanner. The pieces can be found across various locations in Falmouth, Cornwall.   The exhibition will explore myths and legends and how these stories affect the Cornish cultural identity, the physical landscape and history.

The exhibition includes a downloadable kit containing (amongst other things) the book Errant Memoir – An Unsentimental Journey Around Cornwall by Jan Hopkins, two images entitled Lost Lands by Katie Hartnett, and Plinth by Michael Tanner. Plinth consists of Full Gloaming, Chapel Blues, The Lock Keeper, Etudes Sediment, A Pelagic Recital, Riverchrist, The Sunken Carillon and The Bridegroom of Snow (For voices).

2010 Plinth at the Winchester

3 x decrepit tape machines, a loop pedal, a dulcimer and a mixer. Plinth recorded live at The Winchester, Bournemouth 18/06/2010  22:26

available to stream or download here

On 10 April 2010, Michael contributed a mix of music  “90% unreleased at the moment” to Fluid Radio.

A Pelagic Recital – Dawn Reflects In The East
Bridegroom Of Snow – Solicitude
Summerhouse – The Rest I Leave To The Poor
Gloaming – Sirens


Michael Tanner Selection by Fluid Radio on Mixcloud

Cat Lady are Michael Tanner, Matthew Shaw and John Corbet. Their myspace page features three tracks (Pieces 1 to 3) from 10 Feb and 15 Oct 2009, which you can find here (there is video accompanying the track Wheel In Space (which is the same as Piece 2) here)

An excerpt of their debut live performance on 10 February 2011 is available (in the player below)

14 Bathwick Hill is ‘a pocket-remembrance’  insipred by photographs showing a young couple moving into (presumably) their first house with their faithful moggy in tow. It was recorded using reconstructed pieces of Victorian music boxes alongside the sounds of daily household implements. Originally made availabe via Fluid Radio on 28 January 2011.

The Pelagic Recitals 1: The Isle of Kiltipper is a radio piece focusing on island life, collected, edited and with music by Michael Tanner. It is available to stream or download here

United Bible Studies performed in Studio Desmet for VPRO on 22 May 2009. In the band on that occasion were Gavin Prior (acoustic guitar, effects and electronics), Aine O’Dwyer (harp), David Colohan (vocals, lap steel, acoustic guitar and flute), Michael Tanner (acoustic guitar, noise and other disturbing noises) and Richard Moult (piano). Listen here

In 2008 The Books and Michael Tanner provided the soundtrack for this short Channel 4 (UK) production directed by Mark Simon Hewis.

2006 The Cobweb Forest Plinth provided the music for Connie Toebe and Lisa Stock’s magic realist tale

Statue‘ by plinth, specially comissioned for the 35mm video of the same name by Finnish artist Sini Pelkki, and distributed in 2006

Smoke, 2004 DVD 12 Min SMOKE, consists of seven carefully crafted pieces that collectively comprise a unique visual album.


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