Plinth – Early Tapes 1995-2000
Plinth – Wintersongs
Plinth – Laptop Improvisations
Michael Tanner – Five Shores (For Guitar)
Plinth – Plays Victorian Machine Music
Loner Deluxe – The Plinth Tapes
The A. Lords
The Rural Tradition – The Miserable Effects Of A Wasted Life
Directorsound – Leaving The Moors
Sharron Kraus – Right Wantonly A-Mumming
Sharron Kraus – The Fox’s Wedding
Pantaleimon – Tall Trees
Plinth and Textile Ranch – The Rest, I Leave To The Poor
Texlahoma – Live in a Bank Vault
Plinth – Dulcimer Music
The Cloisters/Cat Lady – Bridegroom/Sing The Reverberate Hills
Plinth – Albatross
Sharron Kraus – The Woody Nightshade
The Cloisters – ‘Riverchrist’ on OndaDrops Vol. 2
United Bible Studies – The Kitchen Session
Mark Fry/The A.Lords – ‘I Lived In Trees’ on Vertical Integration
The A.Lords and Mark Fry – ‘It’s Not My Place To Fail’ on Echoes from the Mountain
United Bible Studies – The Gascoigne Observatory
Plinth – Music For Smalls Lighthouse
Plinth – Flotsam
Cubs – The Whispering Woods
Plinth – ‘Victorian Machine Music’ on Minute Papillon
Tyneham House – ‘St Joseph’s Seminary’ on Minute Papillon
Michael Tanner and Sharron Kraus – In The Rheidol Valley
Susan Matthews & Richard Moult – Music for Two Pianos Vol. 1
Agitated Radio Pilot – In The Event Of My Disappearance
The A.Lords
Mark Fry/The A.Lords – I Lived In Trees
Mark Fry/The A.Lords – Leaves
Michael Tanner – ‘Ice Melts Onto Fingers’ on Stitched In Fire
Michael Tanner – October Guitar
United Bible Studies – The Dreamlike States Of United Bible Studies
The Cloisters – Little Winter
The Cloisters – ‘Theme For A Metacarpal Pad’ on Compilation for a Cat
Thalassing – ‘Top Tieb’ on Compilation for a Cat
Tyneham House
Plinth – Collected Machine Music
Isnaj Dui & Michael Tanner – Milk Teeth
The Cloisters – ‘The Lock Keeper’ on End Of A Season
United Bible Studies – Live at the Colchester Arts Centre
Richard Moult – Rodorlihtung
Michael Tanner – Witch Elder
The Cloisters
United Bible Studies – I Am Providence
United Bible Studies – Spoicke
Richard Moult – Solos & Duets
United Bible Studies – ‘The Wait’ on Woolf Music Compilation
Michael Tanner – ‘Vinegar Tom’ on Temple Of The Cat
United Bible Studies – ‘First Crossing’ and Taskerlands – ‘Quis Est Iste Qui Venit’ on For Tom Carter
Richard Moult – Aonaran
Raising Holy Sparks – Era Of Manifestations
Raising Holy Sparks – A Mendicant Hymnal
Plinth – The Wild Hunt Tapes Volume IV: Live In The Netherlands (23 Dec 2013)
Michael Tanner – The Devil’s In The Details; The Angels In The Architecture (12 Jan 2014)
Raising Holy Sparks – The Wild Hunt Tapes Vol. V – Live At Sønderho Kirke (19 Feb 2014)
Michael Tanner & Alison Cotton – Floodplains (21 April 2014)
United Bible Studies – Harry Potter Gone Evil (18 August 2014)


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This site is an attempt to catalogue the music of Michael Tanner. It is a work in progress.